WAY 11: Why The Wellness Summit 2016?

In this episode I chat about The Wellness Summit and the impact it has had on my life.  I am also joined by my husband Duncan who shares his thoughts on The Summit and what it has meant to him.  I encourage you to listen and I encourage you to attend the Summit if possible.

WAY 10: Sue Barron

In this episode meet Sue Barron, Sue is passionate about all things health, wellness, DNA testing and analysis, Glutathione and helping us live our healthiest lives possible.  Sue will inspire and educate you and encourage you to be a champion for your health.

WAY 09: Duncan Steward

In this episode meet the main inspiration in my life, my amazing husband Duncan.  He shares his thoughts on life, the challenges he has faced and how he keeps going everyday.

WAY 08: Mandy Mercuri – Take Hold of Pain

In this episode meet Mandy Mercuri, simply humble and inspiring, her story is one of struggle and triumph in the face of adversity.  Mandy has had more than most to deal with and she has done so with quiet dignity.  Mandy recognised the need to ask for help and accept it and change the way she dealt with the challenges thrown at her.  Listen to her tell her story and be inspired by this truly amazing human being.


In this episode I interview Donna from MSFIN, a local charity in Seaford, Vic, Meet these amazing ladies making a difference in everyday lives, these are the ladies from Mum’s Supporting Families in Need.  They are heroes supporting families in crisis and lending a hand, with support from the community through financial donations and donations of goods.  They help families in need and put smiles on faces going through trauma and crisis.  Come and hear how they make a difference and change lives.  You will go away with so much admiration in your hearts for these everyday angels.

You may wish to donate to this organisation through their website.

Please visit their FB page and website for further details about MSFIN

WAY 06: Lisa and Jim Valavanis

Want to meet real strength and inspiration? listen to Lisa and Jim tell their story.  It will make you laugh, cry and be inspired more than you will ever know.  These amazing humans have faced challenge after challenge and have met them head on with love and determination.  Listen and be inspired in ways you will never imagine.

WAY 05: Ash Bedford – The Holistic Performance Coach

In this episode meet the inspiring Ash Bedford, a brilliant Holistic Performance Coach, with a very simple philosophy, “do the basics but do them extremely well”, “Exercise should be fun and also done the right way”.  It sounds so simple and is so effective.  Ash shares with us all he has learnt about being a Coach and how to get started on our fitness journeys.  Come and enjoy an holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing and be inspired to get moving.

WAY 04: Scrapbooking and Becky Higgins

Finding a hobby you love and are passionate about is a gift.  In this episode my listeners are introduced to another of my passions Scrapbooking and paper craft.   I get to interview The Scrapbook guru herself Becky Higgins and get her take on all things scrapbooking, her life, how she manages all her roles and the joy this hobby brings to so many.


WAY 03: Discovery Awaits with Sarah and Adam Whiting

In this episode I chat to Sarah and Adam Whiting as they take off on a life changing amazing adventure of Discovery around the world. Where will it lead them? What will they Discover?  What hopes and dreams do they have for this adventure? How will they take care of their health and fitness on this journey? So much to learn on this episode. Discovery Awaits …




WAY 02: Mandy Rigg from CalmChi Wellbeing

Today I am joined by Mandy Rigg from CalmChi Wellbeing to talk about the work she does at her centre and all the beautiful modalities she uses to help her clients improve their daily lives.