Everyday people doing amazing things! Yes, that is what my podcasts are all about. ‘Normal’ people living extraordinary lives, encouraging others to live their best life possible. My greatest goal and passion is to empower, inspire, educate and be a voice for anyone struggling with their health and wellness. I have learned so much through my interviews and know you will too. So please, make yourself comfy, pour yourself a cup of tea and be truly inspired! To hear the very latest podcasts, please Click Here.……be sure to listen in, my most recent interview is one not to be missed!


Wendy Steward is interviewed by the CEO of The Wellness Couch Marcus Pearce about her brand new podcast.

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WAY 47: Naturopath – Narelle Donald

In this Episode of my Podcast, meet Naturopath Narelle Donald.  Narelle’s approach a no nonsense, simple, one thing at a time, one problem  at a time Practitioner.  Narelle shares her thoughts about being a Naturopath, how she manages her own well being and what...