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Hello and welcome to Wendy’s Way, I’m so pleased you’ve come to visit!
This is a special space where I share my thoughts and life experiences through video, podcasts, events and my newest venture, my blog. My greatest goal and passion is to inspire, motivate, empower, educate and support you in your Life’s Journey.

I have struggled with my weight and wellness for over 20 years but now finally feel like I am on the road to recovery and wellness. I will share my highs and lows, my successes and failures, openly and honestly with each of you so that my story will give you the courage to change your story. My passion is to be a voice of hope and encouragement to anyone who needs it.  I invite you to come take a look around……….

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A very special thank you to all those who attended my most recent workshop, Declutter Your Life 2017.  We had the most wonderful day; we laughed, we cried but most of all,  we were truly inspired.

A special thanks to Tanya Lewis, the Eco Organiser.  I have heard Tanya speak on many occasion and each and every time I learn something new to implement into my life.

I am so passionate about the affects decluttering can have on your life, whether it be decluttering your mind, your body or your home.  To have that sense of freedom and joy so you can spend more time doing the things that you love with the people that you love, is just so empowering!

I encourage you all to create small achievable goals for yourself on your journey to a ‘clutter free’ life!

Need help?  I’m just a phone call away! 


I have had the honour and privilege of interviewing some amazing people on my Podcast.

Every fortnight on a Wednesday morning, a new podcast from Wendy’s Way is released on the Wellness Couch,which is one of the top rated Health and Wellness networks on iTunes.

My interviews are with ‘normal’ people living extraordinary lives, encouraging others to live their best life possible.

On occasion I also like to do my own solo show.

The topics tend to vary  depending on what is resonating with me at the time.  I learn so much from my interviews and at times I just love to share my own thoughts about things I believe will be of interest to my listeners.

My greatest goal and passion is to empower, inspire, educate and be a voice for anyone struggling with their health and wellness. I have learned so much through my interviews and know you will too.

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Latest Podcasts Wendy’s Way

Episode 18

In this episode meet the inspiring Rochelle Courtenay, the Founder of Share the Dignity. Rochelle took action to bring dignity to the lives of women who needed a helping hand.

Episode 17

In this episode meet the delightful Maddie Race, Maddie is a Holistic Health Coach, Consultant, an Event Organiser and Promoter.

Episode 16

In this episode meet my Chiropractor, Frank Whelan from Wellington Family Chiropractic in Rowville, Vic. I hope you enjoy this episode.

Episode 15

In this episode meet the inspiring Dina Wakley. Dina is a mixed media artist and teacher.Dina will inspire you and open your mind to new ideas.

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Welcome to Wendy’s Way and my very first blog; it is such a thrill to be up and running!