Wendy’s Way Forage 4 week challenge resources

Introduction to the Challenge

Secret Facebook Group

Talk with Wendy and fellow challengers over at the secret Facebook group here N.B It may take 24hours for you to be added to the group.

The Palm Method

In this 15 minute presentation, Dr Damian Kristof explores the inherent health issues associated with the eating guidelines perpetuated by the ‘Food Pyramid’ and in doing so presents his own, healthier eating system ‘The Palm Method’. Use the code ‘WENDY’ to watch the video for FREE Watch

Forage Discount

Stock up on Forage with this 20% discount! Just use the code ‘WENDY’ at checkout Buy Forage

Challenge Guide

This is all the information you need to do this challenge. It explains all you need to do with Food, The golden rules for the challenge, Additional extra things you can do to help during the challenge, a few proceed with caution hints, What to expect during the challenge, possible effects and the Outcomes you can expect with this challenge. Download

Downsize Me Recipes for Success

Damian has put together an amazing collection of recipes to help and nourish you. Download 

Shopping List

This is will give the complete list of all the food you will need for this challenge. The exact qualities will depend on your specific needs as per the palm method, please watch the video. Download 

Forage Eating Plan

This is your 4 week guide to help you through the challenge and takes all the guess work out of what to eat. Download