WAY 82: Rachael Dixon from Health Awareness Consulting

Welcome to Episode 82 of my podcast.  In this episode meet Rachael Dixon from Health Awareness Consulting. Rachael is a Myotherapist and Personal Trainer graduating from Australia College of Fitness and Bodyworks with an Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy and Cert III and IV in Fitness.  Rachael knows firsthand what a busy and stressful lifestyle can do to the body both physically and emotionally, Rachael is passionate about movement, she wants to help all her clients move better everyday and have the best quality of life.  Rachael is big on educating her clients to better assist them in their daily active living. Knowledge is key, so she endeavours to impart hers to you.  Listen as we chat about life, movement, our connection. I hope you enjoy this episode.   

Love Wendy

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WAY 81: Reiki – Introducing this wonderful modality

Welcome to Episode 81 of my podcast.  In this solo show, I introduce you to the wonderful, gentle, healing modality of Reiki.  My journey with Reiki started many many years ago and I have experienced profound healing in my sessions.  In 2015 I started my training in Level 1 and continued to Level 2 and a few weeks ago I completed my Master Practitioner Training.  I am so grateful and blessed to be able to share this with all of you.  I share what Reiki is, how it can help you, what you experience in a Reiki session and all the benefits it can bring to you.  I hope you enjoy this episode. 

Love Wendy

WAY 80: Jo Harris – Play Specialist & Early Childhood Teacher

Welcome to Episode 80 of my Podcast. In this episode I have the pleasure of speaking with Jo Harris trained Early Childhood Teacher and Play Specialist. Jo shares her wisdom and knowledge with us that she has gained with over 20 years local and international experience working in a variety of settings in Australia, United Kingdom and Belgium. Jo shares how she continues to balance part time teaching, as a Nominated Supervisor and Educational Leader in a sessional Preschool, she has also taught in the VET (Vocational Education and Training) system at TAFE (Technical and Further Education) and regularly hosts parent and teacher workshops. Jo was awarded Exemplary Teacher status in 2018 through a strict validation process. Specialising in social and emotional health and wellbeing Jo shares key tips and strategies that will encourage warm and meaningful engagement with emphasis placed on fostering emotionally literate clients who express their feelings, needs and thoughts with confidence. It was such an eye opening chat with Jo who shared so generously. I hope you enjoy this Episode.

Love Wendy

WAY 79: Embrace Winter – Solo Show

Welcome to Episode 79 of my Podcast.  This is another of my Solo Shows in which I share my thoughts about winter.  I love Winter and I embrace all it brings.  I share ideas of how to make it a good winter for yourself and let this change of season nourish and nurture you.  I hope you enjoy this Episode. 

Love Wendy

WAY 78: Talking Nutrition with Alex Osellame Clinical Nutritionist

Welcome to Episode 78 of Wendy’s Way.  In this Episode I have the pleasure of speaking to Clinical Nutritionist Alex Osellame.

Alex  is a Clinical Nutritionist at Bergamo Chiropractic and Nutrition Centre in Melbourne.  Alex graduated from Endeavour College of Natural Health with a degree in health science, majoring in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine. She is also an accredited member of the Australian Natural Therapies Association. Alex is currently studying her Master’s of Human Nutrition at Deakin University. Alex specialises in mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, low mood and gut health (IBS, IBD, bloating, reflux, food intolerance, celiac disease, constipation and diarrhoea).  We chat about all things Nutrition, what a nutritionist is and what the benefits are of consulting one.  This was an extremely informative chat and I hope you enjoy it.  Love Wendy

Alex is available for a consultation at Bergamo Chiropractic and Nutrition Centre Ph: 9887 4144 or via Skype.  Please contact the Clinic for all bookings.


WAY 77: Talking Stress with Dr Damian Kristof Chiropractor, Naturopath & Nutritionist

Welcome to Episode 77 of Wendy’s Way.  In this Episode, I am privileged to chat to Dr Damian Kristof, Chiropractor, Nutritionist and Naturopath.  Damian and I chat about Stress and the effect it has on our health and wellbeing.  Damian shares his wisdom and knowledge on stress and all things health and wellness and he shares information about his upcoming event in Melbourne, Crack Your Stress Code. I hope you enjoy this Episode.  Love Wendy

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WAY 76: Introducing Voice First Technology with Blaze Briefing

Welcome to Episode 76 of Wendy’s Way.  In this episode I have the pleasure of speaking to Neil and Will from Blaze Briefing about Voice First Technology. The tech guru’s explain what this is, how we can access it and how we can incorporate this into our lives.  It was such a brilliant chat, a chance to learn something new and explore all the possibilities voice first technology brings.  My Inner Nerd tech heart just beat a million miles a minute as we explored this topic and embraced all that Voice First Technology could bring us.  I hope you enjoy this episode. Love Wendy

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WAY 75: Move It or lose It- Move More

Welcome to Episode 75 of the Wendy’s Way podcast.  In this Episode, I share my thoughts on movement.  I share how I started adding more movement into my life and I share tips on how you can increase your movement too. Movement is just so critical for us to have optimum health and wellness so I wanted to present some thoughts to you and hopefully inspire you to incorporate more movement into your daily life.  I hope you enjoy this episode.  Love Wendy 🙂

WAY 74: Talking Life, Weight Release & Living Large with Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz

Welcome to Episode 74 of Wendy’s Way.  In this Episode I am so thrilled to speak to music royalty  Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz. Tony is owner and founder of Deluxe Mastering. He has had over 35 years working in many facets of the music business both here and overseas, but found his niche in mastering. Tony also hosts the Mastering Music Mastering Life podcast, where he has in-depth and engaging conversations with music industry heavy weights in all matters of music and life.  Tony recently launched himself as a motivational speaker and mentor.  Tony aims to help, support and give back and share his experiences with everyone to help them live their dreams and best life possible. He is an inspirational speaker, mentor and sound sculptor Tony and I delve into the topic of weight release, how he overcame his battle with comfort eating and turned his health and wellbeing around.  Tony shares his thoughts on life, love, gratitude, doing what you love and living your best life possible.  Tony also shares his journey in the music industry and where he is today in his work.  This was a deeply personal and emotional chat and Tony held nothing back.  I hope you enjoy this Episode and please share it with your family and friends.  Love Wendy 🙂 Tony’s website:  Tony’s FB Page:

WAY 73: Fighting Discrimination with Rachael Leahcar and Duncan Steward

Welcome to Episode 73 of Wendy’s Way.  In this Episode I speak with Rachael Leahcar who rose to fame on The Voice and hear about an incident that occurred recently where she was discriminated against.  Rachael shares her story and hopes too empower and educate everyone to ensure this does not happen again.  In part two of this Episode I am joined by my amazing husband Duncan who also shares his thoughts on what he has experienced due to having Vision Issues.  This was one of the most emotional Podcast Episodes I have ever recorded and my hope is to bring awareness to this topic to stop it from every happening again.  I hope you will share this Episode and help me spread the message.  Love Wendy Rachael’s FB Page: Duncan’s FB Page: Duncan’s Website: