WAY 92: Seasons Greetings and Goodbye from Me

Welcome to Episode 92 and my last podcast episode on The Wellness Couch.  It has been a pleasure to bring my podcast to you over the last three years, thank you for inviting me to be part of your lives.  In this Episode I offer you my best wishes and greetings for the Festive season, share a few tips and hints to get through this time of year and then I take a few moments to say goodbye and my thank you’s to everyone that has helped me bring my episodes to you.  Thank you to all of you for listening to my podcast, It has been a great pleasure to podcast for you.  I look forward to continuing to empower and inspire you through Wendy’s Way in the future.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and Thank you again. 

Love Wendy 🙂

WAY 84: 2019 Wellness Summit Wrap Up – Solo Show

Welcome to Episode 84 of my Podcast.  In this Episode, I share my wrap up of The Wellness Summit 2019.  It was an incredible event and exceeded all my expectations.  I share what I learnt, my takeaways, and why I attend this incredible event every year.  I hope you enjoy this Episode.  Love Wendy

WAY 83: Kathryn Hammond from Action Organising

Welcome to Episode 83 of my podcast. In this Episode meet Kathryn Hammond from Action Organising. Kathryn passionate about helping people free themselves from clutter and having a space that is clutter free, welcoming and provides a home that gives you a sense of peace. Kathryn shares her journey to creating Action Organising with us and gives so much of herself in this Episode. Kathryn has worked community sector for 30 years now, and loves working with people. Having worked specifically with seniors and people with disabilities over the past 10 years, she has an understanding of the difficulties in downsizing and letting go, this is where her ‘organising with heart’ tagline comes in. Her personal values of kindness and compassion support her in working with clients ensuring they feel nurtured as they make difficult decisions in ‘letting go’ of items. I have known Kathryn for over 20 years and am so proud of what she as created to help others, it was such a huge pleasure to have her on my show and share her with you. I hope you enjoy this Episode. Love Wendy

Kathryn’s Website: https://actionorganising.com.au/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/action_organising/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/actionorganising

Email: actionorganising@iinet.net.au

WAY 76: Introducing Voice First Technology with Blaze Briefing

Welcome to Episode 76 of Wendy’s Way.  In this episode I have the pleasure of speaking to Neil and Will from Blaze Briefing about Voice First Technology. The tech guru’s explain what this is, how we can access it and how we can incorporate this into our lives.  It was such a brilliant chat, a chance to learn something new and explore all the possibilities voice first technology brings.  My Inner Nerd tech heart just beat a million miles a minute as we explored this topic and embraced all that Voice First Technology could bring us.  I hope you enjoy this episode. Love Wendy

Blaze Briefing Website: https://blazebriefing.com/

Blaze Briefing FB page: https://www.facebook.com/blazebriefing/

Blaze Briefing YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJFMQuONh-L0L4PwkkjERGA

WAY 69: 2019 – Bring It On

Welcome to the first Episode of my show for 2019.  In this Episode, I share how I celebrated the Festive Season, the changes I made to make it as chilled out as possible.  I also share my hopes for 2019, the planning I have done to achieve my goals and I give you lots of ideas to help you make 2019 all you want it to be and more. I hope you enjoy this Episode. 

Love Wendy