WAY 29: Shauna Cahill from Shauna’s Best Chance

In this episode I have the privilege of speaking with Shauna Cahill who suffered Pelvic Organ Relapse and had surgery to have mesh inserted in her to deal with this condition.  Shauna suffered immediately after having this surgery and only found out recently that the mesh inside her was eroding her body and damaging her nerves and muscles.  Shauna is in the process of working towards a surgery to have this mesh removed.  Shauna shares her heartbreaking story and how she copes daily.  Shauna’s mission is to increase awareness of this and stop women from having to endure all she has.  Shauna is amazing authentic and real and is passionate about making everyone aware.  Thank you for listening.  Please click on this link to learn more about Shauna and to donate to her Go Fund Me campaign.