WAY 24: The Healthy Patch – Anthony and Crystal

In this episode I get to chat with Crystal and Anthony Kapolitsas,

Anth & Crystal Kapolitsas are co-founders of The Healthy Patch – a passion turned business dedicated to helping you reach incredible health through the power of organic wholefoods & growing your own nutritiously dense food.

After battling a lengthy list of life long symptoms, Anth & Crystal decided to go down a natural health path & became fascinated with nutrition & the human body – & moreso – the role that soil health plays in nutrition.

This was the catalyst that lead them to grow organic food in their own mineral rich soil creation  & after trading life long symptoms for bountys of home grown produce & a newly found energy – they knew they had to share it with the world.

Anth & Crystal have now had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people grow their own organic food for optimal health including Paleo Chef Pete Evans, Vegie Head Adele McConnell & Dr Nat Kringoudis.

Head on over to TheHealthyPatch.com.au for edible garden goodness & delicious healthy recipes or connect with them via Facebook [facebook.com/TheHealthyPatch] or Instagram [instagram.com/TheHealthyPatch]

I hope you enjoy this Episode.

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