WAY 70: Jodie Hooper – The WUDZY App

Welcome to Episode 70 of my podcast.  In this episode I have the immense pleasure to chat with Jodie Hooper.  Jodie is an amazing human, she has turned her grief and sadness of losing her beautiful father “Wudzy” into an App that is going to benefit of all humankind.  Listen and be inspired as Jodie shares her story and the challenges that have led her to create this App.  I was blown away by her vision and how she plans to use this to benefit those who most need it.  Jodie is a gift to all of us and I hope we can all get on board and support her and her vision. Let’s make “Just Wudzy It” a global phenomenon.   I hope you enjoy this Epidsode.  Love Wendy

Wudzy Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/wudzyinc/

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