WAY 17: Maddie Race from The Real Food Revolution

In this episode meet the delightful Maddie Race, Maddie is a Holistic Health Coach, Consultant, an Event Organiser and Promoter.  Maddie is working with The Real Food Revolution and is the host of their event Happy, Healthy You in Melbourne, Sun Nov 27th at St Kilda Town Hall.  Maddie is passionate about food, about getting Children into the kitchen, educating and empowering them to understand where their food comes from and how to nourish themselves.  Maddie speaks from the heart, she shares her story and message with us.  Maddie believes we need to take control over our food choices and encourages us to prepare and plan to honour our bodies and give them the best nutrition we can.  Maddie has a beautiful gentle approach, yet delivers a very powerful message that really hits home.  I hope you enjoy this episode.



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