WAY 52: Paul Turner – Osteopath and Energy Healer

Welcome to Episode 52 of Wendy’s Way.  In this Episode meet Paul Turner.  Paul has been practicing as an Osteopath since 1993 and involved with health care education since 1996.  Paul has a holistic integrated approach and has a particular interest in helping people with complicated and chronic health issues get back on the path to greater health and well-being.

Paul has a unique, gentle approach to healing and is revered by colleagues and clients respectively.  Paul has been an integral part of my healing journey and it was lovely to spend this time with him and delve into his wealth of knowledge.  I hope you enjoy this episode.
Love Wendy

Paul’s Website : http://www.turnerpublications.com/

Another Trip Around The Sun – Solo Show

Welcome to Episode 43 of my Podcast.  This is another Solo Show with your’s truly.  I share my thoughts on Birthdays and what having another Birthday means to me.  I enjoyed putting this show together for you, I am keeping it real and raw.  Birthdays are not everyone’s cup of tea but they sure are mine.  Join me as I ponder and pause and share what they mean to me.  I hope you enjoy this episode.  Love Wendy


WAY 40: Kate Worsfold from Wings Of Destiny Life

Welcome to this episode of Wendy’s Way, In this episode meet Kate Worsfold the founder of Wings of Destiny Life. Wings of Destiny is a national Australian organisation, founded in 2015 by CEO Kate Worsfold based on her 15 years of experiencing domestic violence. Their clear purpose is to assist women who have experienced Domestic Violence to help them rebuild, recover and heal. Wings of Destiny’s objective is to provide tools and holistic resources for affected persons to live confidently with self-belief and empowerment; no longer defined by their past.  Kate’s story is inspiring and humbling, Kate shares openly and honestly about all the challenges she has faced and how she lives everyday in the best way she can.

I hope you enjoy this episode which was a true privilege for me to record.
Love Wendy

For more info please click on this link https://www.wingsofdestiny.life/

WAY 22: Joanne and Tracey from Sistermixin

A new episode of my podcast, episode 22, is live for your listening pleasure.
In this new episode meet two amazing ladies, Joanne and Tracey the founders of Sistermixin. These ladies will help and educate you to make the changes you need to live your best additive free life. They are passionate about changing the way you look at food by spreading the message that additives and preservatives can be toxic to your health. Their mission is to educate everyone on exactly what we are eating, what is in our food and some of the harmful effects this can have on your health. Their individual stories will inspire you and move you to tears possibly, Joanne and Tracey will show you that the human spirit can achieve anything and help you make the necessary changes to live your healthiest lives possible. I hope you enjoy this episode. Love wendy


WAY 21: Dave Nixon – The Human Movement

In my first interview episode for 2017, meet the inspiring and “on point” Dave Nixon.  Dave has been in the fitness industry since he was 15, hear how he is not a fan of the industry and what he has done to change the game.  Dave will inspire you to take control of your health and lifestyle and give you simple, achievable ideas to get started.  Dave shares so much wisdom, knowledge and debunks many myths that surround the world of Fitness.  Dave is a genuine awesome down to earth human who has so much to share and give.  I was blown away by his thoughts and ideas, I loved how he kept it real, I was completely inspired by his passion for life and his goal to change the health IQ of all of us.  Please follow Dave on all social media, FB, Instagram for more of his wisdom and inspiration. I hope you enjoy this episode.



WAY 20: 2017 Ready Set Go – with Wendy

2017 is here so now what? Join me as I explore what the New Year brings and how I go about setting the year up for myself.  I share a few thoughts and ideas of how to get the most out of your year and how to have a year that fulfils you in every way. I share what works for me and hope you may get a few ideas for yourself.


WAY 15: Dina Wakley – Mixed Media Artist

In this episode meet the inspiring Dina Wakley. Dina is a mixed media artist and teacher. Dina is a Ranger Signature Designer, Dina designs a line of mixed-media art supplies that includes acrylic paints, mediums, brushes, rubber stamps, stencils, and more.  Dina shares her thoughts on Art Journaling, Facing Life’s Challenges, Parenting, her love for Australia, how she finds Balance and manages her Health and Wellbeing while traveling the world sharing her passion and talent.  Dina will inspire you and open your mind to new ideas. Dina is down to earth, real and authentic and she tells it like it is. Dina believes in “writing it down, expressing yourself and leaving your mark on the world.  Enjoy this episode.