WAY 56: The Forage Challenge – with Damian Kristof

Have you lost your way with weight? I’ve teamed up with https://damiankristof.com from https://foragecereal.com to run a 4 week rapid weight loss program starting in early July. Best news is it’s FREE!!

The program that Damian ran on the TV series Downsize Me is the program that you will receive, and it works fast. Listen to this Episode and find out all the details you need to participate in this challenge. All the challenge info will be available as soon as it is live on http://www.wendysway.com.au

Thank you for listening, Love Wendy

WAY 49: Coping with Loss, Grief, Mourning & Moving Forward – Solo Show

In Episode 49 of my Podcast I share my thoughts on Grief, Loss, Losing a loved one, Mourning and moving forward.  This is a tribute to my mum who passed away.  I share how I have endured this loss and all that I am doing to help me cope with this and all that has helped support me through this difficult time.  Thank you for listening, Love Wendy x

Another Trip Around The Sun – Solo Show

Welcome to Episode 43 of my Podcast.  This is another Solo Show with your’s truly.  I share my thoughts on Birthdays and what having another Birthday means to me.  I enjoyed putting this show together for you, I am keeping it real and raw.  Birthdays are not everyone’s cup of tea but they sure are mine.  Join me as I ponder and pause and share what they mean to me.  I hope you enjoy this episode.  Love Wendy


WAY 39: When things don’t go according to plan – with Wendy Steward

Welcome to another Solo Show with me Wendy.  In this episode, I discuss what happens when things don’t go according to plan and how we can handle it.  It has been a strange September for me not having my AFL team playing finals and a few other things that have been challenging.  I hope you enjoy this episode and my take on things. Thank you for listening. Be Kind to yourself always.
Love Wendy


WAY 34: Movement Matters – with Wendy

In this Episode I share my thoughts on why movement is so important in our daily lives. I speak about how I incorporate movement into my day and all the reasons why it is so important to me. I share ideas and tips on how you can move more and how this has worked for me. I hope you enjoy this episode and I hope it gives you a few ideas of how you can add more movement into your lives and help you live your happiest healthiest life possible. Thank you for listening. Wendy

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WAY 32: Fiji and all it taught me

Welcome to this episode of Wendy’s Way.  In Episode 32, I share my thoughts on my recent trip to Fiji and all the lessons I learnt.  It truly was an amazing trip, full of sunshine, smiles and downtime.  I have come home recharged and with new ideas to implement into my life.  The people of Fiji are it’s greatest asset and taught me so much.  I am so thankful I got to experience these 10 days.  I hope you enjoy listening to this episode.  Love Wendy

WAY 28: ANZAC DAY – a tribute

In this episode, I share my tribute to ANZAC Day, what it means to me and how we can keep the Spirit of the ANZACS alive in us everyday.  I hope you will enjoy this episode. Love Wendy

WAY 27: Happy 1st Birthday Wendy’s Way

Welcome to this special episode of Wendy’s Way to celebrate my podcast turning 1. In this episode I share my thoughts on the journey having this podcast has taken me on in the last year.  I say thank you to all those who have helped me along the way to create this podcast and share the lessons that I have learnt along the way.  I hope you will enjoy this short special episode.  My sincere thanks to all of you for listening.  Wendy 🙂



WAY 09: Duncan Steward

In this episode meet the main inspiration in my life, my amazing husband Duncan.  He shares his thoughts on life, the challenges he has faced and how he keeps going everyday.